Melania Trump Was Called a "Hoebag" on Twitter by a Politician

I'm not debating the issue whether it's right or wrong to call this woman a #hoebag.


Personally, I would call her #clueless, #brainless #ignorant blind to the facts. A complete loser, definitely not a role model. I would call her Eva Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend.

Her financial, mundane life is the result of past Karma, an accident of faith, not the result of intelligence. As is in her husband's case.

The common thread between #Trump and #Trumpfollowers is the unwillingness to realize how stupid they sound to anyone with any sense in general, not only in politics. This causes #shame. And shame is covered with anger. But having no character strength they rather be in denial than upgrade.  Denial is easier for them than self-realization.

A campaign against #cyberbullying. What the fuck is her husband is doing?

I'm a refugee so I understand how at first the American customs, mental volitions are hard and we immigrants do things and say things that's misunderstood by Americans. I understand.

Like I remember when this Republican congressman from the south was in the news because he thought gay people were a problem. His solution was to put all gay people in cages (there is a theme here) drop food down and eventually they die out because they can't procreate.

I was horrified. This politician was a zombie, these people are what the vampire and zombie movies are made about. My second thought immediately was ‘wow I have become an American’.

I remembered when I first came to America I would have thought 'wow what a nice man at least he doesn't want to execute gay people'. Because that's what happened where I came from. We don't want America to be this horrible.

I learn every day.  Like I remember, N-word, I found out about the N-word while doing the nasty.

So my debate on this issue #Flotus: LEARN BITCH! Or shut your stupid mouth. In all accounts according to your husband you should be deported. You're fucking him, (well, okay, I could be wrong, but you better start for the good of this country) talk some sense into him, you should know how to do that. You make yourself look like a fool advocating against cyberbullying and your husband is putting little children in cages. I'm not saying you're a hoebag, but you're a bitch. Thanking him for not even fixing a horror he caused is a bitchy thing to do. You're useless either way enjoy your admirers in the zombie community.

And the Zombie community is so sensitive when the wind shifts and shit hits their face. You can't take it, bitches, don't dish it out.

And you #Trumpfollowers what the fuck do you want? You don't want abortion? Sure fine, then fuckin approve of free #contraceptives, vote for feeding those children who you say have even #fetusrights. You stupid fucks what do you want? Work 2 jobs and still needing food stamps? You don't want a free press? Fuckin move to Russia, Cuba, any of those countries. It's your slogan 'you don't like it here go back to where you come from'. Well, in your case go where they have your type of leader, your type of society. Snowden did. You think you are left behind? Good laws affect everyone as do your stupid horrible laws, seriously another tax cut? But we can't afford Medicare for all? You know how stupid you are? But then you're a zombie.

And those of you who even think of being undecided or not voting, consider yourself initiated into zombiehood.

Right now the choice is clear, the only thing you have to do is #voteblue stupid.

#ThursdayThougths #Trumpgrocerystores #Flotus

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