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Gabby Tary

"Gabby was born in 1941, and came the first of three children to an impoverished family in Budapest, Hungary.  As a child art was her entertainment and spent hours drawing. Gabby immigrated to America after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution was crushed like a bug. Being involved in the resistance against the communist government, she had to flee her county. Her life depended on it.

Once in America, she moved to Utica, N.Y. finished high school. In 1972, she moved to New York City. Where an influential film industry make-up artist, Vincent Kehoe, became her mentor. Mr. Kehoe suggested she move to Los Angeles, expand her field of opportunity in the film industry as a makeup artist. Over the span of thirty years, Gabby worked on such shows as the Arsenio Hall Show, SNL, Gabriel’s Fire and more.

Today Gabby is working as a freelance artist based out of Santa Monica, California.   Her art is a unique style of her own, combining classic impressionism with modern expressionism. Each artwork Gabby creates is an eclectic collection of emotional vignettes recorded in vivid colors, representing the culmination of her lifelong experiences, memories of childhood, and immigrating to America. Creating a distinct style that speaks to all. Gabby cites influences by Spanish artists Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso."
-Anonymous -