If a painting has been sold in between updates you can you still print it on canvas, wood, metal, frame it, you have many choices, just click on the image.

ORCHIDS Acrylic on Canvas 24x36x1.5" $350
BAKED Acrylic on Canvas 24x36x1.5" $350
BIRDMAN Acrylic on Wood 24x27x1.5" $950
PLANNED PARENTHOOD Acrylic on Wood $550
#ME TOO 20x20x.5" Acrylic on canvas $375
GREEN HAIR 12x12x.5 " $195
SONNY AND CHER Acrylic on Canvas 20x20.5" $425
LOVE DEFICIT Oil on Canvas 20x20x1.5" $675
AGI Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $350
Abstract Portraits
WOMEN OF BUDAPEST Oil on Cavas $1500
SEDUCTION Illustration 8.5x11 Typing Paper $120
Nudes & R Rated
SECRET Oil on Canvas 8.5x11x1.5" $425
SELF PORTRAIT 8.5x11x1.5" $425
CORY 36x36x1.5" $950
NEW YORK CITY NEWS STAND Oil on canvas 19x25x1.5" $950
RASTA MAN 8.5x11x1.5" $350 | BUY NOW
W Acrylic on Canvas 20x20.5" $350
V Acrylic on canvas 20x20x5/8" $150
FEMALE_SHAPE Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $450
MAN SHAPE Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $350
CONNECTION Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $350
LISTENING Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $350
RED TRUCK Acrylic on Canvas 12x12x.5" $295
AMERICAN DECADENCE Illustration 8.5x11' on Typing Paper $120 Framed
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT 30x10x1" $525
HELL ON EARTH Acrylic on Canvas Sold
BLIND JUDGMENT Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x1" $350
ALIEN Acrylic on Canvas 12x12x.5" $195
DUMBASS Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x1" $295
TIRED ANGEL Acrylic on canvas 17x12x.5" $275
BORDER TOWN 20x20" Acrylic on canvas $350
SPINNER Acrylic on Wood 12x12x.5" $350
NEW YORK CITY Acrylic on canvas 12x12x1.5" $350.00
GARDEN OF EDEN Acrylic on canvas 15x19x.05" $350
MANSHAPE 12x12x1.5" $250
EMPTY ORCHARD Acrylic on Canvas 25x37x1" $450
PRICE OF IGNORANCE Acrylic on Canvas 20x20x.5" $295
ADDICTION 36x36x1.5" $950
AMERICA Oil on Canvas 20x20x1" $495
MOTHER AND CHILD 3x5" Acryliv on Wood $150.00