Artist | Writer


EMPRESS Digital Art The artworks which have been created digitally are not photos manipulated. They are straight from Gabby's imagination, starting with the white computer screen.

In addition to my art seen throughout this site, and painting pet portrait I also have two decades of experience as a website designer.  My strengths in all areas of design and expertise in all top software offerings within the Adobe Creative Suite and HTML allows me to create any website. Substantial experience in social media and creating and running my own website allows me to build or .solve any website problems. In addition, I have over forty years of experience in the film industry both in front and behind the camera. Over the years, I have worked with companies such as Paramount, Warner Bro. Universal, NBC literally on dozens of shows such as Gabriel's Fire, Arsenio Hall, SNL, and more, creating makeup design solutions with terrific results.  In addition, I have twenty years of experience in stand up comedy,  And at last, I have fifty years of experience reading the Tarot 99% accurate.




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Software Experience and Skill Set

• Adobe Flash Intermediate
• HTML Coding Expert
• Adobe Photoshop Expert
• Website Design
• Custom artwork creation
• Logo Design
• Poster Design

Entertainment Industry Experience

  • Character Design
  • Acting
  • Stand up Comedy


Miscellaneous Experience 

Tarot Reading
Photoshop Tutoring